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My wife and I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for your professionalism and thoroughness in doing our home inspection. You are obviously very knowledgeable and were thoughtful enough to communicate with us in layman's terms that we could understand. We bought the new house after your inspection and felt very confident with your inspection report in hand. We won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone we come across needing a home inspection. Thanks again-

J. Lee Maplewood, MN 



You saved me thousands of dollars by doing a thorough inspection of my home prior to purchase. I will highly recommend 1st Step Home Inspection Service for anyone needing a home inspection.


Jim C.



Thank you for your excellent work. You are a pro!

I shared your summary with a close friend of mine who used to own several homes and rented them out. He was floored by how how thorough and detailed your analysis was.

If you ever need a reference feel free to use us.





Thanks for the "attention to detail" inspection; it is not what we had hoped for, but will most certainly tell us what we would/will be in for with this beautiful looking cottage. As you know, it is easy to be blinded by the "charm" and dressing of some of these places and it takes a pro to "look under the hood" with a eye for the fine/important points. Thanks again.


Very Respectfully, Ted 

Patrick was great. We had him inspect three homes in total. His inspections kept my wife and I from buying two homes that looked great on paper but had some serious hidden problems to the untrained eye. We ultimately found the house of our dreams and there should be no surprises or problems with this one. He also gave us some great advice and resources to keep our new home in great working condition.


Thank you Patrick.


Wonderful Company ! This was my first home purchase so, I needed reassurance . Did not want to make any mistakes. I was very impressed with the professional report I received. Beyond my expectations. They saved me from buying Homes not suitable for me. Love my Home ! Thank you 1st Step !




Thank you so much for coming to do the house inspection yesterday. You gave us a lot of great information so we can purchase this house with confidence!!

Thank you again,

Tim  Kelly


Dear Patrick,

I am so happy I went with 1st Step Home Inspections, when looking to purchase my first home. As a first time homeowner it's hard to trust anyone. Yet, you made it easy for me to trust and I learned so much from watching you in action. Pat you saved me from buying the incorrect home! Then assisted me in my finding the right home using your inspection information.

I deeply respect your honesty and integrity. You were always patient and kind, so when it comes to a home inspection, 1st Step Home Inspection is the only choice.

Thank you so much for everything, you are a wonderful and professional guy. I am so glad I met you and will continue to refer my friends and family to your company.


Miss Marbles